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Sometimes BBWs are like a fine wine and just keep getting better with age. A case in point is this busty housewife type. I got really excited when I saw her actually. She bares a resemblance to a friend of my parents who I have always wanted to bang. I’ve jerked off many a time to her after a visit hehe.

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It’s her big soft tits that really make me hard. I have fantasized many times about seducing this sexy chubby mature and then sucking her breasts while she wanked me off. Better yet she takes my rod between her tits and boob fucks me till I cum all over them!

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This cute mom decided to ‘do porn’ to earn a few bucks on the side and maybe even add a little adventure to her life. I am glad she did as I find her incredibly sexy and I love her body shape. She’s got really fat legs, especially her thighs. Add fishnet stockings to this equation and I am like a dog salivating over a bone!

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This plump mom has got a really big butt too. I included a nice rear view photo so you can see that dumper up close and personal. How would you like that parker on your face?

All this teasing was giving me blue balls. I was relieved when her co-star finally arrived and started fucking her. Needless to say I didn’t quite make it to the end of the video but I am sure I’ll watch it later. ;)

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When this attractive middle aged BBW comes home from work and her hubby is ‘working late’ she keeps herself occupied with her toys. If you pressed her on it she might even admit that these are more fun and rewarding sexually than he has ever been. She is a master at using them to pleasure and probe every part of her juicy snatch and gives us a first hand demonstration of it in these pics.

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She rips off her panties and spreads her plump silky thighs wide open and grabs her favorite toy – a big long beaded glass dildo and pushes it deep inside herself. She is already very wet and in her mind she is picturing the hot stud from her work on top of her pounding away at her.

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This lady looks sweet enough but if you saw her mousy face you would never dream she would be the type to get naked for the whole internet to see. That’s why I love amateur porn so much. You see broads like this every day in the supermarket or maybe at work. Anyone, this fat wifey’s face is the only plain part of her body. It’s obvious she has very large breasts but once she takes her top off their full epicness is apparent. They are colossal for a short lady lady like her and my God I want those long thick thimble like nipples in my mouth!

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She plays with her fat tits for a while and then turns around to wiggle her plump thong covered booty at the camera. All I could think was how I wanted to yank those naughty panties off and guide my dick between her puffy pussy lips and bang her till she orgasmed.

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Some of the hottest sexual encounters I have ever had has been with older ladies. I’m not talking about desperate old mingers either. I find mature women that are more classy and comfortable with their age and size are the best. The big blonde lady in these pictures is just the type I mean. I would love a chance to spend an evening between her sheets.

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It’s funny this big horny mommy looks a bit like a buddy of mines mothers. I’ve always found her attractive too and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve jerked off to her over the years. I used to go over his place for lunch sometimes but hotdogs like the ones this plumper milf is serving up weren’t on the menu! Man I wish they were. I’d let her cover my dick in any sauce she wanted as long as it resulted in a long hot blowjob!

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Anyway I am sure this chubby middle aged housewife is not too worried about the calories. After the fucking she gets in this video she would have well and truly burnt them off anyway I am sure. She rides his knob for a while with her floppy juggs bouncing around before he bends her over and hammers that milf pussy from behind before giving this horny mom a big spray of hot cum.

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As I sit here typing on this cold and rainy morning I came across some pictures of a big and very beautiful blonde woman that warmed me up quickly. As I started looking through her photo set at USA Mature it made me wish I was cuddled up in bed with her. I’ll assume she is married since she is an older woman. I tell you it would be touch leaving the bed every morning leaving that behind!

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The first thing you are going to notice about this pretty BBW MILF are her massive breasts. They are real melons and she loves showing them off. She said it turned her on knowing that guys all over the world would be having a wank to her tits and wishing their cock was between them. The big blonde cougar likes wearing low cut shirts to the mall too just to see the look of guys gawking at her cleavage.

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After she takes her panties off and spreads her plump thighs we get another lovely sight. This fat mommy keeps her cha cha shaved and man does that look like a tasty treat!

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Just looking at this sweet plump mom of two sitting on the couch in her low cut top and short skirt was giving me a rock hard boner. There was plenty of soft milky cleavage on show and the view of her fat thighs had me wanting to part them and bury my head between them. This big mature has some nice body parts and I was hanging to see her get naked.

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Her top was the first thing to come off. Her breasts are real whoppers and they plopped out with a meaty thud against her chest. She then wiggled her wide plump hips out of that skirt so we could see her fat box. Her belly over hangs it but she gets on her back and spreads her legs to give us a front row tour. She opens her chubby pussy with a cheeky smile letting you know just where she wants you to park your cock.

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Damn this lady may be over 50 years old but she still has a rocking body. Dressed is a figure hugging slinky black dress she puts many women half her age to shame. The swinging housewife has no trouble getting chatted up by the studs at her local bar. They are lined up to buy her drinks and try their luck with the sexy mature.

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I couldn’t wait to see her take her clothes off though. I wanted to see that pussy. When she pulled her panties off and spread her cheeks I was not disappointed either. Check out the pic below of that glorious pussy and asshole. Man I would lick that out all night!

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Now I had to do a serious double take when I first these photos of a very busty plump older lady. She looks remarkably similar to this Croatian widow that used to live in the apartment below mine a couple of years back. She was very sexy and man did she have a lovely body. Huge tits and just fat and curvy all over. We would exchange smiles and hellos in the lift occasionally but that was all.

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One day I got a knock on my door at around midnight. It was the big blonde mature dressed in only her night gown. She was a little upset I was making noise and keeping her up. I apologized and explained I’d had a few drinks and didn’t realize the time. I took a chance and invited her in for a night cap. She accepted and I was already getting hard at the prospect of having this extremely sexy mature BBW alone in my apartment.

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I made her a really large scotch hoping to get her drunk and have a crack at her. She got tipsy really quickly and I risked complimenting her on her expensive looking nightie. She said ‘oh is that what you were looking at?’ she said with a smile. ‘I thought you were looking at my boobs’ she added. I burst out laughing at told her she was right and quickly followed that up by telling her how hot I though she was. Well that broke the ice big time and I was soon helping the fat widow out of her nightie and was face to face with those gigantic breasts.

We had a good time that night and I remember cumming twice. Once between her tits when I fucked them and then again later after hammering her fat pussy for about an hour. I would fuck this sexy Croatian woman on and off for about a year til I had to move… a sad day indeed!

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