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I just got done watching a video of this dirty teen BBW being a horny little slut. It was such a hot scene, primarily because she got into the sex so much. As soon as her partner pulled his cock out her naughty tongue was all over it licking up and down the shaft and really savoring the taste and feel of it in her mouth.

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When he finally prys her hungry lips off his tool he rolls her over and attacks that juicy pussy first eating her out and then sticking his hard cock deep inside. When he fucked her fat ass doggy style I nearly lost it! This girl has a rump that seems custom built for hitting it doggy.

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I really enjoyed this fat sex video featuring a cute young BBW. She looked really sweet and shy as it started. Maybe like a lot of fat chicks her age she is a bit ashamed of her plump body or maybe she was just nervous about having sex on camera. Whatever it was it was very sexy. She loosened up pretty quickly though and it was clear she was getting turned on by her male co-star.

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Once he had this fat chicks underwear off and his big cock was in her mouth she was really over come with lust. She gives a pretty mean blowjob this girl and she took all of his meat into her hungry mouth and sucked him till he had to pry her greedy lips of it.

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He then rolled the overweight honey onto her back and grabbed her chubby ankles pulling her towards him. He grabbed his hard prick and eased it gently into her warm wet slit. She moaned as he slide into all the way into her fat pussy and started banging her senseless.

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If you’ve never banged a BBW let me tell you you are missing out big time. There is an old saying that ‘once you’ve gone fat, there’s no turning back’. I would imagine this is the case with this top heavy porker. Her co-star in this video has a great time making sweet love to her generously proportioned body.

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After she warms him up with a hot blowjob he slips his erect prick between her huge heaving breasts. The soft warm fleshiness of her boobs envelopes his dick. Precum starts to flow allowing for plenty of lubrication for the epic tit fucking he is in for.

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If you have ever seen been to Walmart or even visited the site People of Walmart you will probably be familiar with the amount of skanks that get around often dressed in next to nothing. I try not to go there but one late afternoon I popped into one to pick up something or other.

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I was out of town and didn’t know what to expect inside. It wasn’t too bad but I quickly spotted a big over weight blonde. She looked skanky in her tight denim skirt. It hugged her fat ass and her meaty thighs were exposed. I wanted some of that as I was horny as hell. I walked up and smiled my best charming smile and said hi. I got a gushing response so i knew I could pick her up.

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I told her I couldn’t stop staring at her legs and ass and she clearly loved the attention I was giving her. Twenty minutes later I was at her unit and I had that fat ass bouncing up and down on my dick. She was a bit of slut but she was a nice fuck and I made a note to stalk out more Walmarts of my travels haha.

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As 2011 draws very close to a close I can’t help but reminisce about a large lady I actually scored with two New Years Eves ago. I was new to the town and noticed her. We struck it off well and we were both horny. Long story short I ended up fucking her raw right outside under the stars. I had my cock deep in her chubby trimmed pussy with my big fat swollen balls pressing against her asshole and I thought what a way to bring in the new year? I only hope this NYE goes as well!

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I won’t go into too much more detail but needless to say we went our seperate ways and I never saw her again. I actually like that. Not that I wouldn’t have loved to shag her again (and again, and again) but a good stranger fuck should stay just like that.

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Does the thought of a fat curvy woman glistening wet in the shower turn you on? It turns me into a horny wreck I tell ya! Maybe it’s due to perving on my plump and busty aunty every time I stayed with her during school holidays when I was a boy. I would watch her soap up her curvy fat body and store them away in my spank bank. I always wanted to disrobe and join her in their. Pressing her heavy fat breasts up against the glass with her big butt against me. Of course I would never dare but it was nice fantasy to jerk off too.

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Anyway I found this shower sex scene to be especially hot. Check out some preview stills from the video where this big tit fat girl gets fucked in the shower by her hunky boyfriend. I really liked seeing her oversized floppy tits pressed up against the shower wall as he hammered that big butt.

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I was checking out a hot new BBW site called Fatty Game this week and one of their ladies in particular really caught me eye. A pretty blonde with fair skin and very large breasts. Man I couldn’t take my eyes of her huge bosoms once she took her shirt off – they’re real whoppers!

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As she and the lucky lad that stars in this video with her get down to business I noticed the rest of her body was every bit as soft and curvy. My type of woman! She fished his hard prick out of his fly and took in her mouth with a sweet smile. I bet it felt like heaven in this sweet moms mouth as he fondled her heaving breasts.

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Just as I would have done he guides the busty blonde BBW onto her hands and knees so he can fuck her doggy style. As he slams that chubby pussy from behind her big pendulous hangers swing and sway and when he can take no more he covers those wonderful breasts in cum

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This big dark haired girl reminds me a bit of chick I hooked up with at a library last week. There is a university not far from me and someone said the library there was an excellent place to pick up cute girls. I’m guessing the guy that told me this had fit lithe young girls in mind when he said it but I like big girls and when I saw her I decided to chat her up.

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I got her to have a coffee with me and then the following evening I ended up fucking her brains out at my place. She was a bit shy about her very over weight body and was nervous but she soon saw how into her big fat belly and big ass I was and loosened up. I got her to stay the night too and fucked her again in the morning before driving her home haha!

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How would you like this attractive BBW bouncing around on your dick? She looks like an incredible ride. As well as her rather good looks that body of hers is a devils playground for fat lovers. Lets start up top with those big floppy tits. I liked watching those fat puppies bounce around while she was getting pumped full of hard cock. That chubby belly of hers looks like an over stuffed pillow too when she gets shagged on her back.

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Around the back things don’t get any skinnier. It’s quite a large ass this beautiful big brunette is carrying around. She backs all of that ass fat up to her thin older lover and he grabs a hold of it and nails her hard doggy style.

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A current favorite BBW pornstar of mine is Desiree Devine. This super sized beauty has good looks and everything on her is much bigger than average. I love her big soft belly most. It just looks like a huge marshmallow soft pillow. I am sure big belly lovers are familiar with her and her incredible tummy. Desiree has some nice big fat boobs to go with her gut too. I tell ya she could suffocate two men with all of that front! I’d happily volunteer for one of those spots by the way. ;)

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I like the way those fat belly likes like two tires once she is on her back with her plump thighs spread wide and her fat ankles are up around her head while she is getting her muff stuffed. She squeezes her fat boobs roughly as she bits her bottom lip as her co-star really pounds away at her obese fanny. He flips her over and fucks her fat ass from behind too.

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