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I couldn’t not post this pretty blonde plumper after seeing her in action earlier today. She’s very cute with golden hair and a sweet face. As for her body I will let the photos do the talking and just say I really love her curvaceous shape. She was great to watch too as she really seemed to let go any inhibitions and have fun with the scene.

sexy plumper

These are some sample snaps from the shoot and give you an idea of what the full scene is like. As you can see these two really go at it and pretty much do it all. He spent time eating her juicy snatch and got this sexy plumper all wet before he started pounding it.

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Apparently this pretty young blonde had had very little experience with sex before she decided to do a porn scene and make some quick cash. I bet her co-star was thanking his lucky stars that he got to bang this plumper teen so early on in her life. Maybe he sees it as helping her explore her sexuality… or maybe he was just enjoying the sensation of fucking a warm, moist and super tight teenage pussy.

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Just watching this sweet thing giving head was making me hard. She really is a little cutie and those sexy pigtails only added to her look. Looking every bit the naughty fat schoolgirl she sucked away on her older lovers cock with eagerness.

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She wanted more than just a taste daddies dick though. Her young chubby pussy was dripping wet and itching for a good hard pounding. She climbed on top of him and guided his boner between her silky lips so she could ride him like she has seen in the porn movies she had watched.

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These two photos are proof that some of the hottest pics are not porn related. I especially love the shot of the first girl… yes for the obvious reasons! I think her boyfriend or maybe one of her girls snapped this shot on their phone. She is wearing one of those tight body shirt outfits and her enormous juggs look like they are gonna bust free at any second. Seriously this is one of the sexiest pictures I have seen in a while.

teen juggs

The other pic is of a cute young plumper in her bedroom. She is only in panties and maybe thought she looked hot in the mirror so decided to snap a pic with her iphone. I’m think she looks sexy as hell topless and I am glad she shared this pic through social media.

topless self photos

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Something a little different today with some nice outdoor voyeur style pictures of a cute Mexican teen walking up and down a street completely naked. The locals sure got an eyeful and I bet their day was brightened immeasurably by the sight of this dark haired cutie strutting around with out a care in the world. She has a lovely thick frame with big natural boobs and I am in love with that juicy round butt of hers. Her sweet smile and sense of fun really adds to these pics too as she is clearly enjoying the attention her public nudity is gaining.

Mexican teen

public nudity

naked in the street

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I lucked out big time the other day. I was at the gym and noticed this cute young chubby chick stealing glances at me while I was working out. I eventually smiled at her to let her know I caught her looking and she gave me a sweet smile back that was a little shy. I went over and introduced myself to her and she was flirting with me big time. It kinda caught me off guard but this cute fat chick was DTF (down to fuck).

naughty teen

I talked her into coming with me for a quick post workout snack at a local cafe and I quickly turned the conversation sexual. She was eager for a fucking I could tell so I took her back to my place and soon had her chubby young body naked in front of me.

I ravished her, running my hands and tongue all over her buxom figure, sucking on her perky titties and then eating her pussy til she came. I slide my tool slowly into her wet warm hole and fucked her really slow… well that is until she almost demanded I ‘fuck her hard!’. Of course I complied and ended nailing her with her chubby ankles around my neck.

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We’ve got a really beautiful young BBW for you today. I found this gorgeous full figured teen while I was over at Young Fatties and was so enamored by her classic beauty I had to post some preview photos of her for you.

beautiful full figure

She has that old school Rubenesque look that really suits bigger girls like her. Her face alone was sufficiently cute to have me wanting more and then I saw that lovely figure and was totally hooked! Large perky breasts, a bit of a tummy and that glorious pussy sure are a treat for the eyes with this young plumper.

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Ok so this chick may not be the most beautiful of teen girls but I love her body. Big naughty tits are the first thing I noticed about her as she let her bathrobe slip off. Those bad boys look like DDD cup to me. Hmmmmm I’d need to get a bit hands on with them to be sure… all in the name of science though, I take no pleasure in this lol.

teen showering

chubby masturbating girl

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Hot damn, this girl has got to be one of the most gorgeous young things we have ever posted. Her face alone had me memorized.. she’s a very good looking girl. It was when she disrobed though that my jaw really hit the floor. Look at the size of those boobs!! They have gotta be double D or larger and on a girl of her age and body shape they really stand out. As we look further south we see a slight belly which is very sexy on her. All this leads to a bald little muff that would have any dirty old man drooling like a sex fiend.

busty latina

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Hmmmm we seem to be on a theme of late. Last post we saw a huge breasted woman in the shower and today we’ve got a gorgeous young BBW in the bath. This girl really is beautiful. There is something about her piercing blue eyes and jet black hair that turns me to jelly. As you have no doubt already noticed she’s got a really nice plump body too. Those silky little pink outtie pussy lips have me wanting to slowly eat her out!

fatty bath

Take a look at some sample pics and a short video clip from one of the scenes she shot with Young Fatties. After seeing these I had to get the full movies and boy was I glad I did. A girl this sexy doesn’t come along too often and I know I am gonna dig these videos out again in the future.

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This skanky teen BBW instantly reminded me of this cute chick that works at my local bank as a teller. I have been flirting with her for a couple of weeks whenever I go it. I desperately wanna get in her panties and I think I’m nearly there… or at least I hope so. Heh I should go the route this guy takes if I do get her back to my place and ply her with wine.

drunk teen

She gets tipsy pretty quickly and he is quick to get all hands on. Her rubs her big smooth belly and then squeezes her growing breasts. He then gets the drunk teen to stand up so he can completely undress her. She has a really nice pudgy body too with soft creamy skin and lots of puppy fat all over her. Very sexy.

skanky teen

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